Marianne Design has an Angel Policy, which means: you are free to use all Marianne Design products to make cards and other projects for personal use. You are permitted to show the images of your cards and your projects on your website, blog, forum, etc.
You are permitted to sell your own cards and projects, but only for non-commercial use and in person. This means they will have to be handmade by you and you will have to sell them yourself on a local market, fair or any other small sales point and with a limited quantity not to exceed 50 pieces. It is not allowed to offer your creations for sale online.
All images of stamps, Creatables, Craftables, Collectables, Designables, paper blocs and decoupage sheets are copyrighted by Marianne Design and by the artist who exclusively designed them for Marianne Design. As such they are only sold for the personal use of the consumer without the right to reproduce the copyrighted images for commercial purposes.
This means it is not permitted to:
reproduce or sell the copyrighted images of stamps, Creatables, Craftables, Collectables, Designables, paper blocs or decoupage sheets in whichever way, (entirely, partially or worked) via internet (neither for free nor against payment) or to offer them for reprinting. Also the reproducing of the designs by making paper cut outs and sell this is not permitted due to their copyright. Also scanning the designs for electric cutters and spreading these images is not permitted.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If you have made something special with our products which you would like to show to us, please get in touch. We are always interested in new ideas and beautiful projects made with our products.

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