12 September 2020

Hamster home in the woods

These hamsters are preparing for winter by filling their treehouse with acorns. Julie Baker used the lovely dotted red design paper from our 'I Love Holland' paperpad for the mushrooms and door.

12september JulieB

Use the tree house stencil to mark the tree house outline in pencil and then cut out with scissors. Ink the edges with dark brown ink. Lay the Zebra Stencil on top of the cut-out tree house and ink through with dark brown ink - it gives a lovely tree bark effect! Using the tree house stencil again mark out the tree door and window on Kraft paper, cut out and edge with dark brown ink to highlight the both pieces. Cut out the door in the spotty paper from the I love Holland set and then back the door and window openings with yellow card to give the effect of light.

Using the various dies in the Hamster set, cut out all the component parts for the hamsters, nuts and leaves in colours of your choice.  Before sticking down the tree house, assemble the climbing hamster around the branch.  

Now to assemble the card.  Cut a piece of design paper from the Autumn Whispers set and fix to card blank. Lay the tree house on top and tuck die cut ferns behind the tree and fix in place.  Now stick the tree house in place, and place another hamster in front of the door. Add the oak leaves and acorns.  Cut out three toadstools in the same spotty paper as the door and stick in front of the window.  Cut out the grass pieces in green, fix a piece in front of the toadstools and round the base of the tree.

Deel bericht

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