8 October 2022

Birds in the woods

These little birds are finding warmth with each other. With Tiny's new stencil 'Autumn Leaves' you can create gorgeous backgrounds like this one for your autumn themed cards.

8okt22 Julie

To begin, I laid the stencil over a piece of white card stock and then ensured it stayed in place by using low tack masking tape.  I then spread the gesso very thinly over the stencil with a palette knife – you can also use a sponge if you prefer.  Make sure that the gesso is spread evenly over the leaf cut outs.  Leave to dry or dry with a heat embossing tool.

Once dry, choose your colours of spray dye – I used a green, red and a brass effect spray.  I do this in a cardboard box to prevent the spray from going everywhere!

I then added a little white spray dye to look a little like snow.  Blot off the excess dye colour with kitchen towel and then dry completely with the heat embossing tool.  Cut the finished layer in half and use to make an additional card.  Mount on to red card stock.

Cut the trees in white card and then ink through the die with brown ink for definition.  Select which part of the cutout trees you want to use, cut off the excess and fix to the side of the card.  Again, put aside to use on the additional card.  Stamp and cut out the birds you wish to use and colour with alcohol markers.  Stamp the sentiment, cut with the rectangle dies and fix in place.  Finally, use foam pads to fix the birds in place.

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