19 juni 2021

Spotlight: lekker zomers

Afgelopen week hebben we al zulke zomerse temperaturen gehad dat je haast zou vergeten dat de zomer nog moet beginnen! Deze maand hebben we voor alle zomerse strandkaarten leuke nieuwe mallen. Een aantal van onze DT dames is er al druk mee aan de slag gegaan.

Spotlight 19jun21 Rianne

Craftables Long Tags (CR1510)
Craftables Card Display (CR1521)
Craftables Card Display Accessories (CR1522)
Creatables Surfboard & Flippers (LR0717)
Creatables Hammock (LR0718)
Clear stamps Art Stamps - Spring (MM1639)
Craft stencil Slimline Sunburst - A4 (PS8080)

Spotlight 19jun21 Jeannette

Craftables Slimline Frames (CR1537)
Craftables Slimline Banners (CR1538)
Creatables Palm Trees (LR0541)
Creatables Surfboard & Flippers (LR0717)
Creatables Hammock (LR0718)
Creatables Classic Beach Chair (LR0719)
Clearstamp Strand (CS1024)
Knipvel Eline's Tropical Backgrounds (AK0070)
Pretty Papers bloc Rainbow (PK9175)

Spotlight 19jun21 Irma

Creatables Nautical set (LR0532)
Creatables Palm trees (LR0541)
Creatables Tiny's sea gulls (LR0595)
Creatables Tropical leaves (LR0667)
Creatables Circle lay out (LR0677)
Creatables Surfboard & flippers (LR0717)
Creatables Classic beach chair (LR0719)
Pretty Papers bloc Sea sparkle by Marleen (PK9163)
Knipvel Hetty's monkeys (HK1710)
Rhinestones light pink (CA3156)

Spotlight 19jun21 BoukjeBoukje
Collectables Eline's Seaside (COL1497)
Craftables Ocean Set (CR1279)
Craftables Basic Stitched Passerpartout (CR1360)
Craftables Art Textures Scales (CR1552)
Craftables Classic Beach Chait (CR0719)
Pretty Papers bloc Seabreeze (PK9156)
Pretty Papers bloc Springtime (PK9174)
Art Stamps Lente (MM1638)
Craft stencil Message in a Bottle by Marleen (PS8092)
Rhinestones Red (CA3159)


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