26 september 2020

Spotlight Marleen's mail

Marleen heeft superleuke kleine envelopjes en een brievenbus ontworpen en bijpassende stempelsets. Deze hebben hele leuke post tekstjes. Niet alleen leuk voor echte post maar ook voor je Kerstkaarten. 
In de spotlight van deze maand laten enkele Designteamleden weer graag zien hoe veelzijdig het thema 'Post' kan zijn op je kaart.

Spotlight 26sep20 JeannetteJeannette
Collectables Eline's Racoon (COL1472)
Collectables Eline's Kerst Rendier - muts en sjaal (COL1476)
Craftables Envelope Set by Marleen (CR1518)
Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Creatables Anja's Creatables Plus Set (LR0670)
Clear stamp Kerstpost by Marleen (CS1069)
Pretty Papers bloc Eline's Berry Christmas (PB7053)
Pretty Papers bloc Swedish Winter (PK9159)

Spotlight 26sept20 Neline.2Neline
Craftables Envelope set by Marleen (CR1518)

Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Craftables Spiderweb (CR1422)
Craftables Spiders and bugs (CR1383)
Collectable Eline's Halloween (COL1473)
Collectable Eline's Raccoon (COL1472)
Clearstamp Kerst post by Marleen (CS1069)
Pretty Paper bloc Do What you love (PK9149)
Knipvel Eline Autumn Backgrounds (AK0073)

Spotlight 26sept20 Neline.1

Craftables Envelope set by Marleen (CR1518)
Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Craftables Stamp (CR1223)
Craftable City Bike (CR1504)
Craftable Bunny by Marleen (CR1498)
Craftable Punch Die Sweet Hearts (CR1460)
Creatable Petra's Grass (LR0650)
Clearstamp Tegeltswijsheden (CS1053)
Clearstamp Canal Houses (PP2804)
Clearstamp Kerst post by Marleen (CS1069)
Pretty Papers bloc I love Holland (PL9168)

Spotlight 26sep20 Marleen

Craftables Long tags (CR1510)
Craftables Envelope set by Marleen (CR1518)
Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Creatables Doily duo (LR0592)
Clear stamps Postage set (CS0995)
Clear stamps Kerst post by Marleen (CS1069)
Mirror paper Red (CA3137)
Pretty Papers bloc Seabreeze (PK9156)
Pretty Papers bloc Men only by Marleen (PK9169)
Pretty Papers bloc Wood Stone (PK9170)
Pearls White (CA3132)
Rhine stones Silver (CA3136)
Ribbons Maritime rope (JU0949)

Spotlight 26sep20 Rianne

Craftables Long Tags (CR1510)
Craftables Envelope Set by Marleen (CR1518)
Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Creatables Lantern & Label (LR0669)
Clear stamps Christmas Mail by Marleen (CS1070)
Clear stamps Banners by Marleen (CS1058)
Pretty Papers bloc Wood & Stone (PK9170)

Spotlight 26sep20 IrmaIrma
Craftables Punch die hulst (CR1476)
Craftables Envelope set by Marleen (CR1518)
Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Creatables Forest trees (LR0556)
Creatables Christmas ornament (LR0560)
Pretty Papers bloc Winterdays by Marleen (PK9164)
Pretty Papers bloc Wood & Stone (PK9170)
Knipvel Matties mooiste Windmills (MB0187)
Soft glitter paper Zilver (CA3142)

Spotlight 26sep20 Tineke

Collectables Eline's Meercats (COL1490)
Craftables Poinsettia by Marleen (CR1478)
Craftables Card stand extra (CR1507)
Craftables Envelop set by Marleen (CR1518)
Craftables Mailbox by Marleen (CR1519)
Creatables Tiny's pindaslinger (LR0558)
Creatables Christmas green (LR0634)
Creatables Holly leaves (LR0675)
Creatables Gate folding tree (LR0678)
Pretty Papers bloc Winter days (PK9164)
Pretty Papers bloc Frozen Winter (PK9172)
Glitter paper Snow paper (CA3104)
Metallic paper Mint (CA3140)
Clear stamps Kerst post by Marleen(CS1069)

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